Posted by: ayounglove | April 20, 2009

Search tips of the day


Recently, while searching for the etymology of the American term soccer I ran across this really cool tip from Google Answers user Gale-ga on

“When looking for the origin of a word online, the best strategy is to do a search for it on Google. After you do a search, e.g., for “soccer”, you will see the sentence “Searched the web for soccer” in the blue bar right above the search results. Click on the word ‘soccer’ to see its definition and etymology (a note on its origin) on”

The image above is from my attempts to replicate her search for you. When I did this search and clicked on the information in the blue bar, I was directed to instead of  However,  I did see the following in’s first entry: [From alteration of assoc., abbreviation of association football.] Gale-ga goes on to suggest that word etymologies can also be found at Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary and

This next search tip came to me by way of Nicole Engard’s blog:

Google Image Search has a new color option to limit your search by!

Color Google Image Search
This is awesome news for art folks like me who often think visually and recall things by colors rather than words.  Yes. I’ll admit it. I’m the one who asks about “the book with the yellow cover.”


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