Posted by: ayounglove | December 28, 2008

Toys for sharing documents and slides

662891484_70aa400760As a follow-up to my  last post about converting documents to PDF format, I thought I would bring up another option: publishing  through an online service that will display your PDF, Word file, or Powerpoint, as a web document. There are several advantages to consider with this method. First, you aren’t using a proprietary format that some people won’t be able to see on their computer. Second, if you are making a public presentation, it’s much nicer to pull up a webpage  than to log into your email (and display your personal emails) or open a file off of a USB flash drive (and show the world what else you have saved there).

The service I learned about most recently is Scribd.  A classmate of mine, Robyn Ward, used Scribd to embed documents in her final capstone portfolio, and I think the results are very impressive: Here is an example of a  Scribd document that I uploaded just a few seconds ago:

Another service that I was recently introduced to is SlideRocket. Slide Rocket allows your to either build your presentation on the website, or to upload it from an outside source.  I highly recommend building it on the SlideRocket itself as it has some powerful tools.  My favorite is the search tool that helps you find uncopyrighted images that are free to use.  I wish that tool were part of WordPress! Like Flickr, the popular photo sharing site, SlideRocket is a tiered model. There is a free version that works pretty well, but you can pay to upgrade for increased security and storage options.  The free version works fine for me at this point.

Slideshare is similar to SlideRocket, with several differences.  Slideshare is much simpler and faster to use because it doesn’t have any on-site design functionality.  It is also always free. Users simply upload a Powerpoint or similar document and that’s all there is to it.  One of the beauties of Slideshare is that you don’t have to create a user account to upload documents.  Unlike SlideRocket, Slideshare is all about sharing the Powerpoints so that they are findable by anyone.  Here is a link to a presentation that I uploaded to Slideshare last month:

I’m sure there are other services out there that do similar things.  Has anyone found any other services that they prefer?


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